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Amusement parks are temporal zones where familiarity and routine succumb to wonder and play. Brightly painted characters and lurid carnival attractions, they are not meant to last forever. As they decay their bright, cheerful facades become mysterious and fragmented ruins. They transcend merriment and pleasure to stand as markers of time and lost hours. Quick excitement and harmless fear sobers into hope, pathos and endurance.

In these portraits boundaries of linear time dissolve. Photographing these creatures allows me to enter their world; simultaneously experiencing past pleasures of youth and unsettling thoughts of old age. Their weathered beauty is haunting yet reassuring, an effortless blend of pleasure and loss.

This series originated along the Mid-Atlantic Coast of New Jersey and Maryland. The boardwalk creatures that once roamed the beaches as if a giant toy box was dumped on the towns, are quietly aging and disappearing. Yearly of storms, new attractions and changing population are changing the face of the beaches of my youth. Many of these creatures have disappeared since being photographed, replaced by parking lots or new businesses. Recent photographs document amusement parks in Galveston, before Ike’s destruction, and San Antonio.

Amusement Parks, Carnival, Boardwalk, Beach, Retro, Golf Course, Galveston
Pinky, Galveston Mermaid
Silver Gelatin Photograph
10" x 10"